Best Series 7 Study Guides

This exam is very challenging, so be sure to pick up a Series 7 study guide to assist with your test prep. There are plenty of options for Series 7 study material, but only a few are worth buying. After checking out all of the most popular choices we have compiled a list of the best review books. We have also tried to give some great options at a few different price ranges, so you can definitely find an option that fits within your budget. Here are the best study guides that you can buy:

Series 7 Course Textbook and Final Exam Book. This Series 7 study guide from Steve Rice and Reuben Martinez is absolutely fantastic. A very thorough review of all the important concepts and loads of practice questions. Includes 11 practice tests along with a final exam, a math exam, and an options test. This book is updated annually and always get the highest ratings and the best reviews.

Series 7 Exam for Dummies. This Series 7 book is the most economical option and is actually a really solid study guide. A complete review of the exam content along with 2 full-length practice tests in the book and another test that you can access online. For even more practice questions check out 1,001 Series 7 Exam Practice Questions.

Pass The 7: A Plain English Explanation To Help You Pass. Another great option is this highly-rated study guide from Robert Walker. He has been writing FINRA review materials for many years and always focuses on concise explanations written in plain English.